Thursday, September 03, 2015
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Sustainable Solutions
Circle of Life EcoIndex|EcoSource Certified by Ball|BioPackaging|Soil & Nutrition|Compost Demonstration

Ball is the first in the industry to identify a comprehensive, scientifically based
index of sustainable genetics and products.

Our Circle of Life EcoIndex guides growers in selecting both plants and hardgoods that let them reduce their energy and chemical inputs to save money and operate more sustainably. They also have the opportunity to grow in eco-friendly packaging and offer consumers varieties with low water needs.

Reduce Energy

Reduce Water

Reduce Chemicals

Reduce Waste
Identifies products growers can finish successfully with a proven cool-grown, low-energy input program Identifies products that deliver superior performance in a landscape/consumer setting under a restricted water regime. Identifies products that reduce or eliminate the need for costly and often hazardous chemicals. Identifies biodegradable consumer packaging that decreases or eliminates waste.

Circle of Life EcoIndex Genetics and Products

Reduce Energy

The wide range of plants that carry the Reduce Energy icon can be grown outdoors or in tunnels under the spring regime of cool nights (26-35 degrees F) and warm days resulting in no or significantly less energy used for crop production, improved crop quality, and with only slightly increased crop time.

Ball tested a wide range of annual plants in the west and Midwest, and demonstrated which ones can be grown in low-cost outdoor space without heat. The trials revealed that in addition to saving energy, the listed varieties required less chemical sprays and offered more flower power and performance.

Look for seed and vegetative varieties marked with the Reduce Energy symbol in our displays.

  • Ageratum High Tide
  • Alyssum Clear Crystal
  • Aquilegia Swan, Winky, Songbird
  • Argyranthemum Madeira
  • Bacopa Abunda, Blutopia, Snowtopia
  • Bidens Sun Kiss
  • Brachyscome Enduring Blue
  • Chaenorhinum Arista
  • Coreopsis Early Sunrise, Rising Sun, Sunfire
  • Delphinium Dasante Blue, Diamonds Blue
  • Dianthus Amazon, Bouquet, Dash, Dynasty, Ideal Select, Sweet
  • Diascia Diamonte, Juliet, Romeo
  • Digitalis Dalmatian
  • Erysimum Citrona
  • Gazania Daybreak, New Day
  • Ivy Geranium Precision
  • Regal Geranium Candy Flowers
  • Zonal Geranium Designer, Fantasia, Presto
  • Lavandula Ellagance
  • Lobelia Hot Springs, Periwinkle Blue, Riviera, Waterfall; Fuseables Bed O'Roses, Blues Brothers, Ol' Blue Eyes, White Knights
  • French Marigold Bonanza
  • Multi-Species Fuseables Cotton Candy, Silk 'N Satin
  • Myosotis Mon Amie Blue
  • Nemesia Aromatica, Poetry
  • Osteospermum Serenity, Voltage Yellow
  • Pansy Cool Wave, Matrix, Spring Matrix
  • Papavar Champagne Bubbles
  • Petunia Black Velvet, Blue A Fuse, Debonair, Dreams, Easy Wave, Madness, Mirage, Phantom, Pinstripe, Rhythm & Blues, Shock Wave, Sophistica, Suncatcher, SunSpun, Tidal Wave, Wave; Fuseables Blueberry Lime Jam, Flirtini
  • Salvia New Dimension
  • Scabiosa Blue Note
  • Snapdragon Snapshot
  • Stock Hot Cakes, Vintage
  • Strawflower Dreamtime
  • Verbena Aztec, Aztec Magic, Wildfire
  • Viola Sorbet
  • Zinnia Double Zahara, Zahara

Click here for Culture Resources and Low Energy Input Trials by Ball FloraPlant

Reduce Water

The plant varieties that bear the Reduce Water icon are more tolerant of drought conditions in container and landscape settings. All plants listed were evaluated in an arid climate for each of two years, and shown to thrive and maintain a good appearance in containers and in the ground – in spite of receiving half as much water as the control plants.

The control plants were watered at a rate and frequency determined by field technicians necessary to produce an attractive stand of plants. After the plants were well established, the test plants received half as much water over a period of 10 to 12 weeks. Periodically, and at the end of the test period, plants were rated for flowering show, foliage health and vigor. Varieties that maintained a good appearance under this reduced watering regime made the list. The trials were repeated for two years. 

Look for seed and vegetative varieties marked with the Reduce Water symbol in our displays.

  • Alternanthera Purple Knight
  • Artemesia Powis Castle, Silver Mound
  • Bidens Sun Kiss
  • Brachyscome Enduring Blue, Radiant Magenta 
  • Cuphea Allison Heather, Firecracker
  • Delosperma Sequins
  • Dianthus Amazon, Bouquet, Ideal Select
  • Dichondra Silver Falls
  • Dusty Miller Silverdust
  • Euphorbia Breathless
  • Felicia Pinwheel Periwinkle
  • Gaura Ballerina
  • Gazania Daybreak
  • Interpecific Geranium Galleria
  • Ivy Geranium Precision
  • Zonal Geranium Allure, Designer, Fantasia, Presto
  • Gomphrena Fireworks
  • Helenium Dakota Gold
  • Helichrysum Licorice, Silver Mist
  • Hibiscus Mahogany Splendor
  • Juncus Blue Arrows
  • Lantana Landmark, Little Lucky, Lucky
  • African Marigold Marvel, Taishan
  • French Marigold Bonanza, Durango, Janie
  • Ornamental Pepper Black Pearl, Calico, Chilly Chile, Masquerade, Purple Flash, Red Missile, Sangria
  • Osteospermum Voltage Yellow
  • Pentas Butterfly
  • Petunia Easy Wave, Shock Wave, Tidal Wave, Wave
  • Plectranthus Silver Shield
  • Plumbago Escapade
  • Purslane Fairytales, Rio
  • Salvia Mystic Spires Blue
  • Scabiosa Butterfly Blue, Harlequin Blue, Pink Mist
  • Scaevola Blue Fan, Blue Ribbon
  • Sedum Angelina, Athoum, Autumn Joy, Blue Spruce, Coral Reef, Salsa Verde, Sea Urchin, Tricolor
  • Senecio Blue Chalk
  • Talinum Verde
  • Tecoma Mayan Gold
  • Verbena Aztec, Aztec Magic, Wildfire
  • Vinca Mediterranean XP, Pacifica XP, Titan
  • Zinnia Solcito, Zahara

Click here for the Water Use Trials by Ball FloraPlant

Reduce Chemicals

Commercial growers can achieve significant reductions in plant growth regulator use due to advanced breeding and seed technology from Ball.

Impreza Impatiens were bred especially for their free-branching and horizontal growth habit, and require little or no plant growth regulators in production. Yet consumers get the size and performance in the garden they are accustomed to from Impatiens.

Ball Controlled Growth Seed is treated with A-Rest in our labs so growers can skip 1 to 2 PGR treatments in the greenhouse. Growers can save labor, chemical costs, and eliminate re-entry restrictions.

  • Ball Controlled Growth™ Seed
  • Daniels® 10-4-3 Professional Greenhouse Nursery Plant Food

  • Angelonia Serenita
  • Brachyscome Radiant Magenta
  • Impreza Impatiens
  • Lantana Little Lucky
  • Lobelia Hot Springs
  • Petunia Ez Rider, Pretty Flora, Pretty Grand

Reduce Waste

Using compostable and plantable bio-containers in commercial production results in less plastic waste for consumers. The following hardgoods are made from renewable resources and are compatible with grower automation systems. They offer consumers biodegradable alternatives to trash disposal.

  • Rice Hull Pots
  • NetPot™ Plantable Rice Hull Pots
  • SoilWrap®
  • TerraShell™ Pots

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