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Sun Spun® White Petunia

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Plant Details:

Scientific Name: Petunia x hybrida

Blooming Season: Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Autumn

Plant Habit: Mounded, Upright

Spacing: 12 - 18" (30 - 46cm)

Height: 6 - 10" (15 - 25cm)

Width: 12 - 18" (30 - 46cm)

Exposure: Sun

Grower Information:

  • Early to flower, fast to finish, quick to sell! 
  • Low energy-input crop is highly programmable for high-density,
    high-efficiency production. 
  • Tight, compact, ball-shaped habit stays tangle-free on the bench. 
  • Perfect for profitable baskets and pots, premium pack programs.

Blue turned in Excellent Performance at Oregon State University, 2011.

(Flowering Only License)

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