Poinsettia liners from Ball Seed

Your Ball Seed Team -
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

It you haven't booked your poinsettia liners yet, it's not too late! Reach out to your Ball Seed Sales Representative or Ball ColorLink to get an order underway. We have an extensive network of suppliers available and we're ready to meet all of your poinsettia needs.

If you've already placed your order, there is also an opportunity to trial some exciting NEW poinsettias from Selecta One, such as Christmas Angel, Christmas Bells, Holly Berry and Christmas Mouse. Here's a few details about them below, and be sure to browse the latest Selecta Poinsettia 2020 catalog.

Christmas Angel
With a response time of 6.5-7 weeks, Christmas Angel is the earliest poinsettia in the Selecta One lineup! It features non-fading, deep red bracts and large, dark green pointed leaves. Its medium-high vigor makes it perfect for early medium and large pots. Plus, the excellent cyathia retention provides the best holding of any very early poinsettia – so you can depend on this variety for long-lasting appeal.

Christmas Bells
An exceptional mid-to-late poinsettia variety for all regions, Christmas Bells provides vibrantly rich, deep red-colored bracts and dark green foliage. The very strong, upright, V-shaped habit works well with no rings in larger containers. With a response time of 8.5 weeks, this variety is the best late-season choice for northern growers and features outstanding post-harvest performance. Christmas Bells is a great option for late November to early December sales.


Holly Berry
Holly Berry is a strong, oak-bracted, rounded, red novelty poinsettia. Its low vigor and superior branching make it ideal for small pots and dish gardens. Plus, this mid-season, compact beauty has a response time of 8-8.5 weeks and impressive post-harvest performance. Holly Berry is suitable for high-density production in smaller pots.

Christmas Mouse
Christmas Mouse stands out from standard poinsettias with unique, large, oval “mouse ear” bracts that are completely new to the market! This upright, medium-vigor poinsettia is an easy-to-grow, red-bracted novelty with great post-harvest performance. Plus, Christmas Mouse has a supporting marketing and POP program.

For more Selecta One information on poinsettias visit selectanorthamerica.com/Poinsettias.

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