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Week 23 – June 05, 2023
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Feb 1, 2021
Poinsettia Success Starts Here

Selecta One announces the release of its 2021 Poinsettia catalog – a 45-page resource filled not only with exciting new products, it has production tips from experts providing solutions to cover all your growing needs.

“Selecta One wants to be your poinsettia-growing partner from start to finish,” says Product and Technical Support Manager Gary Vollmer. Look for “Gary’s Notes” on each poinsettia series throughout the catalog for his keen tips. “We trialed extensively to cover every region, pot size and season so you can have the most successful poinsettia season yet.”

Some of the other key features of the Selecta One 2021 Poinsettia catalog include details on NEW Orange Glow, a game-changing, true orange poinsettia that’s WOWed growers in recent trials (you saw the videos from N.G. Heimos, right?) And then there's Christmas Mouse®, a whimsical and exciting introduction with high retail appeal. Signage and POP is just adorable and sure to catch attention.

This catalog also shares regional recommendations and top-sellers called out with each page-turn, and a comprehensive culture guide on page 36 to achieve your own perfect finish. You can also visit the Selecta One Poinsettia micro-website at for a complementary digital experience. That's where you can sort the full Selecta One Poinsettia assortment by Season, Habit, Color or Vigor. Still a little unsure? Go ahead and click the “Ask Gary” button to send your technical questions right to Mr. Vollmer. 

The Selecta One 2021 Poinsettia catalog is a keeper; you’ll enjoy it cover-to-cover. Contact your sales representative or Root & Sell dealer for more details on Selecta One poinsettias and to request a printed copy. Or browse it online now.

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