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Feb 23, 2021
Meet Plant-Shopper Demand With Zesty Zinnia

We’re living in an age of millions of new gardeners, created out of 2020’s stay-at-home guidelines, where a fresh perspective was given to outdoor living spaces and new hobbies were cultivated with more time on our hands. All indicators point to Spring 2021 experiencing a wave of plant interest, and the chance that your retail customers sell out of high-impact color is possible. What are some solutions to making sure fresh garden color continues to meet the demand of these motivated shoppers?

The Ball Ingenuity team highly recommends adding the Zesty series of Z. elegans to your production schedule. Not only are zinnias a colorful, easy way for new gardeners to decorate their outdoor spaces, but they are highly attractive to pollinators as well, which gives them even more shopper appeal. Who doesn’t love spotting a butterfly landing softly on a double zinnia bloom? Sounds like an Instagram moment to me!

The quick crop time of Zesty Zinnia means you can stock up now on quick-sow seeds in individual colors of the series or the mix to help your customers meet the plant demand we anticipate at garden centers this spring, specifically in the early-Summer months when retail needs refreshing.

Zesty Zinnia is bred by PanAmerican Seed and offered exclusively through Ball Seed. It offers uniform growth and non-fading double blooms saturated with color – Purple is especially stunning! Zesty fills in large planting areas in the garden, yet it is also remarkable in containers and mixed combinations for versatile use by the end-user.

Contact your Ball Seed sales representative or Ball ColorLink associate today. Learn more about Zesty Zinnia in the video below, or click here to see our product page.

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