Top Picks for Pro Landscapers

Jeff Gibson -
Monday, May 16, 2022

Your pro landscaper clients demand a lot – and you can deliver the biggest bang for their buck when you stock up on these long-lived varieties that fill in fast, look better and last longer.

Sun-loving plants

EnduraScape™ White Blush Verbena: Won’t cycle out of flower in 100°F-plusheat…takes cold, too. Perfect for hot and dry landscape beds in full sun.

Titan™ Lilac Vinca

Blue by You Salvia nemorosa: The bedrock of Spring perennial color, this nemorosa loves the heat and keeps its color longer.

Whopper RoseGreen Leaf Begonia: Monster plant covers 3 sq. ft. and survives through blazing heat. Workhorse in shade, too.

Easy Wave® Neon Rose Spreading Petunia: They’ll get easy spreading color every time!


Made for the Shade

Beacon® Impatiens: Lots of brilliant color all season with high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew.

Harmony Plus Rose Begonia

Lime Delight Coleus

Carnival Rose Granita Heuchera: Heat-loving villosa covers shade beds with incredible colors and leafy lushness.

Solarscape™ Interspecific Impatiens: Unbeatable color in full-sun garden beds and containers. Offers landscape growers a non-branded, cost-efficient alternative.

Top Tips

Home building is back and the landscape trade is in full swing! Jeff Gibson, Ball’s Landscape Business Manager, shares Top Tips for you to partner with landscapers to create a win-win plan.

• Set up a dedicated drive-through sales yard/area just for the pros. Open early, dedicate one team member to the area and you’ll wrap it up by 8 a.m. Be sure to offer coffee!

• Block larger quantities of the big sellers and make it easy to take the whole lot. Restock ASAP.

• Display gallon pots of NEW varieties at the front of the landscaper area. Include signs explaining how each will excel in your area.

• Tell them in Spring that you’ll have great later-season availability. Then when it’s past prime planting season, offer larger, 4 to 5-in. annual and perennial basics for value-added enhancement sales.

• Go Green and lighten their load! Put out bins to take back flats, packs, pots. Offer a “spiff” for tidy returns, along the lines of $5 off next purchase or buy 2, get 1 free. It’s where to go for TONS of great information!

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