New Vegetables for 2023

Your Ball Seed Team -
Monday, February 20, 2023

What’s new in vegetables this year? You’ll find some interesting varieties brought to you exclusively from Ball Seed. These new introductions are trialed and tested to ensure reliable results for home garden, as well as in your greenhouse and especially the retail bench. (links open in new window)

Top-shaped red peppers on the stem

From the specialty hot pepper Spinning Tops with its unique shape that bears fruit all season long (30,000 scovilles) to the palate-friendly jalapeño pepper Pot-a-peño (1,000 scovilles) that’s perfect for hanging baskets, there’s a pepper for everyone.

Jalapeno peppers growing in a hanging basket


This is especially true with the Peppers from Heaven series in tasty Yellow, Orange, and Red snacking varieties that are great for container gardening.

Orange sweet peppers growing from a hanging basket


There are slicer tomatoes and small-fruited tomatoes, such as the Sun Dipper which is specially shaped just for dipping. The elongated fruit can be held between your fingers and ready to dip without the mess.

Elongated, red, dipping-shaped tomatoes


Speaking of vegetable trays, another great addition would be the Telegraph Improved burpless cucumber perfect for slicing. It stays crisp and fresher longer than other varieties.

Long green english cucumbers


Read below for resident vegetable expert Jayson Force’s Top 5 New Vegetables for 2023. Enjoy!


Broccoli on stems in the garden

1. Broccoli Dynasty

“It’s a widely adapted, mid-season broccoli with tight beads on a dome head. Great flavor!”


Green and red hot peppers

2. Pepper Aleppo

“The unique flavor of this pepper has its origins from the Middle East. Its fairly mild, slightly tangy taste is great dried and ground into a powder to put it on everything.”


Perfectly green jalapeno peppers

3. Pepper Megatron

“This very early, large-fruited, hybrid jalapeño pepper offers high yields on a compact plant. It has a great disease package, too.”


Bright red tomatoes

4. Tomato Early Girl Plus

“We’ve been waiting a long time for an improved Early Girl, but it had to have the same fruit and flavor. This variety has everything you loved about Early Girl, but with an improved disease package to get more fruit well into the season.”


Heirloom tomatoes sliced and whole

5. Tomato Pink Delicious

“WOW, this variety quickly made it to one of my top favorite tomatoes. It has giant fruit with that heirloom flavor. I like to take a big center slice of the tomato and put it on a burger, OMG! It is a great variety.”

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