Planning for Over-Wintered Perennials Success

Your Ball Seed Team -
Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Perennial production doesn't have to be a PAIN ... Ball Seed experts have the information you need to succeed! Optimize your best-perennial-crop-yet with tips from the pros in-the-know. Like our recent GrowerTalks Magazine webinar "Your Guide to Easy Perennial Production". This online discussion is now on-demand. Watch as Darwin Perennials product representative Darren Barshaw and Ball Seed sales director Jim Kennedy discuss strategies for perennial success in the upcoming season.

Need a little more in-depth info on over-wintering perennials? Learn how to choose the right varieties and the best growing locations for perennials with a longer production time in this video featuring Chris Fifo, product representative for Darwin Perennials and Kieft Seed. You'll see Chris share proper culture and growing techniques, as well as how to build an effective back-up plan ... just in case!

Perennials that require vernalization or bulking up need a little extra attention in order to minimize your risk. Ball Seed product experts are here to help with tips and guidelines for the best rate of survival. In this audio file from Tech On Demand brought to you by GrowerTalks Magazine, the insights and recommendations of Paul Pilon (narrated by Bill Calkins) address moisture levels, temperature fluctuations, and root health. Listen in now to keep your production on the right track all season.

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There's still time to impact sales in 2024! Ball Seed has the widest perennial assortment and best supply from around the world. All delivered in the forms you need: Seed & Plugs; URC & Liners; or Bareroot. Easily order NOW through Ball Seed WebTrack® or by calling 800-879-BALL. Need help scheduling your summer perennial crops? Contact your Ball Seed sales representative for recommendations and connection to more production resources.

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