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Week 28 – July 13, 2024
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Mar 29, 2024
Gold Supplier Spotlight: Bob’s Market and Greenhouses

Our suppliers are very important to us. Ball Seed Gold Service Suppliers set us apart from the rest by delivering top-quality assistance that makes all the difference. Here, we introduce you to Bob’s Market and Greenhouses based in Mason, West Virginia.

Collage of people working in a greenhouse

Since 1997, Bob’s Market has been a partner with Ball Seed and is now in its third generation of family management. Alan Barnitz, Assistant Manager Plug Division, was a toddler when his grandfather Bob started his greenhouse business in 1970. Eric Barnitz, Grower Manager, also grew up in the greenhouse learning from a young age how to sow seed.

Bob instilled three major factors in his business: Quality, Service and Business Integrity – something he preaches still to this day. Bob’s Market serves a wide range of customers from retail stores to their wholesale division to plugs. Eric says, “One of the things our grandfather would say every day would be to pay attention to the little things. If you pay attention to the little details, then everything else takes care of itself.”

Collage of Bob's Market and Ball Seed employees

This family-owned business shows through how much their customers mean to them. The company culture prides itself on being able to communicate with their customers on a daily basis. Customers can be sure that whomever is answering the phone, they’ll be talking to a real person. It’s a big deal that’s important to them.

Real people. Real service. Real difference. That’s Bob’s Market and Greenhouses. The company is also proud of being able to deliver their plants in their own trucks. 92% of their plugs go on a truck and not in a box. And it’ll be Bob’s own drivers who are ready to unload the truck at its destination.

Being a partner with Ball Seed is a real benefit for Bob’s Market. “It means a lot when we have partners who are selling our product because they have trust in what we do,” says Alan. “We’ve been able to create a lot of friendships and customers by working with Ball since 1997. This industry is a lot like family, so I look at Ball Seed as a lot like family members.”

Find out more about Bob’s Market and Greenhouses in our video series at our YouTube channel.


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