Week 3 – January 18, 2020

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SuperTrouper™ Lavender+White DianthusLavender+White
SuperTrouper™ Scarlet DianthusScarlet
SuperTrouper™ Scarlet DianthusScarlet
SuperTrouper™ Butterfly Dark Red DianthusButterfly Dark Red
SuperTrouper™ Lilac On Purple DianthusLilac On Purple
SuperTrouper™ Magenta+White DianthusMagenta+White
SuperTrouper™ Orange DianthusOrange
SuperTrouper™ Pink+White DianthusPink+White
SuperTrouper™ Purple DianthusPurple
SuperTrouper™ Red+White DianthusRed+White
SuperTrouper™ Silver Pink DianthusSilver Pink
SuperTrouper™ Velvet Red DianthusVelvet Red
SuperTrouper™ Velvet+White DianthusVelvet+White
SuperTrouper™ White DianthusWhite