Week 4 – January 26, 2020

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Dynamo™ Orange Zonal GeraniumOrange
Dynamo™ Pink Flare Zonal GeraniumPink Flare
Dynamo™ Red Improved Zonal GeraniumRed Improved
Dynamo™ Hot Pink Zonal GeraniumHot Pink
Dynamo™ Hot Pink Improved Zonal GeraniumHot Pink Improved
Dynamo™ White Zonal GeraniumWhite
Dynamo™ White Improved Zonal GeraniumWhite Improved
Dynamo™ Dark Red Zonal GeraniumDark Red
Dynamo™ Dark Salmon Zonal GeraniumDark Salmon
Dynamo™ Light Pink Zonal GeraniumLight Pink
Dynamo™ Purple Zonal GeraniumPurple
Dynamo™ Raspberry Sizzle Zonal GeraniumRaspberry Sizzle
Dynamo™ Red Zonal GeraniumRed
Dynamo™ Salmon Zonal GeraniumSalmon
Dynamo™ Scarlet Zonal GeraniumScarlet
Dynamo™ Strawberry Zonal GeraniumStrawberry
Dynamo™ Violet Zonal GeraniumViolet
Dynamo™ Bright Lilac Zonal GeraniumBright Lilac