Week 12 – March 21, 2019

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Lascar™ Vampire VerbenaVampire
Lascar™ Salmon VerbenaSalmon
Lascar™ Dark Blue VerbenaDark Blue
Lascar™ Magenta VerbenaMagenta
Lascar™ Black Velvet VerbenaBlack Velvet
Lascar™ Burgundy VerbenaBurgundy
Lascar™ Dark Pink VerbenaDark Pink
Lascar™ Dark Red VerbenaDark Red
Lascar™ Dark Violet VerbenaDark Violet
Lascar™ Mango Orange VerbenaMango Orange
Lascar™ Mango Orange VerbenaMango Orange
Lascar™ Pink VerbenaPink
Lascar™ White VerbenaWhite
Lascar™ Red Rose VerbenaRed Rose
Lascar™ Hot Rose VerbenaHot Rose
Lascar™ Red VerbenaRed