Week 21 – May 26, 2019

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Trials Results 2018 - Colorado State University

Congratulations to these top-performing varieties, available now from Ball Seed.

The outdoor display and test areas at the Annual Flower Trial Garden at Colorado State were established to allow students, researchers, industry representatives, homeowners and extension personnel to learn, teach and evaluate through horticultural research and demonstration projects conducted in the unique environmental conditions of the Rocky Mountain/High Plains region.

Best of Angelonia: Angelonia Archangel Raspberry (Ball FloraPlant)
Best of Coleus: Coleus FlameThrower Serrano (Ball FloraPlant)
Best of Ipomoea: Ipomoea SolarPower Black Heart (Ball FloraPlant)
Best of Lantana: Lantana Lucky Sunrise Rose (Ball FloraPlant)
Best of Salvia: Salvia Mystic Spires Improved (Ball FloraPlant)
Best of Lobularia: Lobularia Passionaria Purple White (Ball Ingenuity)
Outstanding Plants: Coreopsis Electric Sunshine (Darwin Perennials)
Outstanding Plants: Iberis Summer Snowdrift (Darwin Perennials)
Best of Begonia semperflorens (Shade): Begonia Megawatt Pink Bronze Leaf (PanAmerican)
Best of Pentas: Pentas Lucky Star Dark Red (PanAmerican Seed)
Best of Petunias (Seed): Petunia Easy Wave Silver (PanAmerican)
Seed Best of Show: Salvia Big Blue (PanAmerican Seed)
Best of Vinca: Vinca Tattoo Papaya (PanAmerican Seed)