Week 32 – August 07, 2020

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GrowIt! Partners With TPIE to Release 2020 Houseplant Report

The GrowIt! 2020 Houseplant Report is designed to help the green industry better understand the houseplant trend.

The consumer demand for houseplants has rapidly increased in recent years and is still growing. As retailers find more consumers coming through their doors looking for foliage plants and succulents, it’s important for them to be knowledgeable on what consumers are struggling with and asking about. The GrowIt! 2020 Houseplant Report is designed to help the green industry better understand this trend. The report focuses on consumer data aggregated from the interactions of almost 900,000 consumers on the GrowIt! app as well as the analysis of GrowIt!’s National Indoor Plant Week survey, which yielded over 10,000 responses.

Thinking through how a company might best leverage the information in this report to build their houseplant category, sell more plants or begin a program, all roads lead to the Tropical Plants International Expo (TPIE). Every insight in this report can be amplified by attending TPIE which takes place in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., USA Jan. 22-24. TPIE has underwritten this report to make it free for everyone. Though TPIE was not involved in any of the collection of data, analysis of the report or expression of the trends, they feel that this information is important for all of those involved in the indoor plant industry.

"Having consumer data specific to indoor plants is a welcome resource to our industry. From an insider's perspective, we've always known the value of houseplants and promoted them based on their beauty and benefits, yet learning the specific plant-related preferences and concerns of houseplant buyers will help everyone serve the consumer better and sell more plants," says Linda Adams, TPIE Show Manager.

The report can be found here: https://www.growitmobile.com/houseplantreport

The contents of this report are an analysis of consumer trends for houseplants. Consumer preference data is only useful if it is easy to understand how to take action on it. For this reason, we have included “GrowIt! Suggestions” throughout the report, which are GrowIt!’s opinions on how to take action with the insights provided.

For additional information and photos, please contact Mason Day, Co-founder, GrowIt! at mday@growitmobile.com 810-656-0200

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