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Week 42 – October 19, 2021

Plant Information

EnduraScape™ Dark Purple Verbena

Plant Details:

Scientific Name: Verbena peruviana

Hardiness Degree: 0°F (-17.8°C)

Blooming Season: Early Spring, Summer, Autumn, Late Summer, Spring, Late Spring

Plant Habit: Trailing, Spreading

Characteristics: Frost Tolerant, Drought Tolerant, Heat Tolerant

Water: Medium

Fertilize: Every two weeks

Spacing: 18" (46cm)

Height: 8 - 12" (20 - 30cm)

Width: 18 - 24" (46 - 61cm)

Exposure: Sun

General Information: Blooms long into Summer and won’t cycle out of color in your garden.

Grower Information:

  • The first verbena that’s hardy through the hottest days of Summer, but can take the cold down to the low teens, and still rebloom in Spring, bringing lasting color to landscapes all season long.
  • EnduraScape revs up the color with 10 high-octane varieties.
  • Superior branching: finished product has a full habit with a high bloom count in gallon containers.
  • Excellent powdery mildew resistance.


Protection Information: PP26,131

(Flowering Only License)

Other Varieties