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Glimmerâ„¢ Appleblossom Double Impatiens

University of Georgia Classic City Award

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Scientific Name: Impatiens walleriana

Common Name: Impatiens, Double

Hardiness Degree: 32°F (0.0°C)

Blooming Season: Spring, Late Spring, Summer

Plant Habit: Mounded, Spreading

Characteristics: Shade Tolerant

Water: Heavy

Fertilize: Every two weeks

Spacing: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm)

Height: 10 - 16" (25 - 41cm)

Width: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm)

Exposure: Shade, Partial Sun

General Information: Covered in beautiful rose-like blooms with no need to remove old blooms.

Grower Information:

Series with beautiful rose-like blooms is highly resistant to Plasmopara destructor, the cause of Impatiens downy mildew. Outstanding color item for baskets in the shade.


Protection Information: CA PAF; EU PAF; EU PBR66196; US10,285,362; US11,166,424

(Flowering Only License)

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