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Week 25 – June 22, 2024

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Choose The Dianthus & Pot Carnation That’s Right For You! NEW Product Selection Tool Now Available From Selecta One®

A new web resource from Selecta One North America helps growers choose the Dianthus and Pot Carnations that are suitable for their regions and growing conditions.


WEST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, January 2023: In June of last year, Selecta One® secured supply of its Dianthus and Pot Carnation varieties directly from its offshore Selecta Kenya farm for U.S. customers. As the only offshore Dianthus production farm approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this announcement was well-received by the industry as it will provide an efficient product source for quality cuttings for a plant class experiencing positive growth in the North American marketplace.

Now, to assist grower customers with choosing the Dianthus and Pot Carnation products that are region-appropriate and suitable for their greenhouse growing conditions, the Selecta One North America team launched the NEW Dianthus & Carnations Selection Tool alongside a helpful scheduling guide for online interactive use as well as a downloadable PDF resource.

To showcase the latest Dianthus and Pot Carnation products and online tools, a new section of the Selecta One North America website has also been designed specifically for this product class. offers a colorful view of the full product assortment, a retail support showcase, as well as access to the interactive product selection tools and scheduling resources.

“Quality Dianthus cuttings are making their way directly to U.S. customers now, and more growers can take advantage of this excellent availability to build their markets,” says Leland Toering, sales manager for Selecta One North America. “Our new product selection tool and online showcase makes it even easier to choose among the wide array of Selecta One Dianthus and Pot Carnations to meet greenhouse scheduling and environmental conditions.”

Now’s the time to fulfill your orders confidently, selecting from over 44 top-selling varieties, including the popular Oscar® series, SuperTrouper™ series, Pink Kisses® and many more.

Visit to view these online resources. Reach out to your preferred supplier to book your Dianthus and Pot Carnations order today.

About Selecta One
Selecta One serves the North America market with excellent genetics of vegetative propagated bedding plants and Poinsettias. Our varieties are supplied as unrooted cuttings available exclusively through Ball Seed and as rooted cuttings available from select Root & Sell stations. Visit to learn more.

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