Recommended Products

Our Ball Seed catalog of plants and products is bursting with exciting new varieties and programs. On this page, Ball Seed Experts have selected top performers and hot-market items to keep you ahead of the competition. Check back often to see more special recommendations.
Recommended Products

Ornamental Millet Copper Prince

Unique accent plants are appealing at retail and make a dramatic statement in mixed containers, gardens and landscapes. Copper Prince brings attractive metallic to the garden.

Pentas Lucky Star

The fastest follow-up blooms of any pentas on the market! Lucky star is full of vibrant-colored blooms that attract bees, butterflies and shoppers.

Petunia Headliner

Quickly becoming growers' first choice. This mounded petunia boasts early flowering for a fast finish and a dramatic color range.

Salvia Mysty

This compact new salvia is 25-35% less vigorous than Mystic Spires, making it a better choice for mixes. It’s covered in true blue flowers all season and is heat-hardy for late Spring/Summer programs.

Snack Pepper Candy Cane Red

A feast for the eyes as well as the palate! Pepper Candy Cane Red has uniquely variegated foliage and striking striped fruit that will stand out on the retail shelf, in the garden, and on your plate.

Portulaca Happy Hour

Sow up to 2 weeks earlier than competing bush-type varieties, as Happy Hour is bred to bloom under shorter days than other portulacas – 10.5 hours.

Canna Cannova Bronze Orange

The first seed F1 canna series offers an easy-to-grow option. Improved young plant performance means more useable plugs that are uniform and earlier.

Iberis Snowsation

Perennial Candytuft is a bright spot in the early Spring garden. Large white flowers cover the tidy, mounded plants and provide many weeks of flowering enjoyment.

Echinacea Sombrero® Sangrita

Highly floriferous series is naturally well-branched and compact for easy shipping. Excellent retail presentation, commanding a premium price.

Marigold Hot Pak

Specially bred and trialed in areas of the world with high temperatures. “Developed in the heat for the heat.” A great choice for mass planting.

Petunia Tidal Wave® Red Velour

An All-America Selections National Award Winner with rich, deep red bloom color and a hedge-like habit. The most vigorous series in the Wave family.

Tomato Candyland Red

AAS winner has a compact, tidy and manageable habit that will not take over like many other currant varieties. Earlier and easy to harvest.