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Week 40 – October 02, 2023

Plant Information

Smartiz® Magenta Tuxedo Cyclamen

New variety!
  • Smartiz® Magenta Tuxedo Cyclamen - Bloom
  • Smartiz® Magenta Tuxedo Cyclamen - Container
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Plant Details:

Scientific Name: Cyclamen persicum

Common Name: Miniature Cyclamen

Hardiness Degree: 18°F (-7.8°C)

Blooming Season: Early Spring, Spring, Autumn, Winter

Plant Habit: Upright

Water: Medium

Fertilize: None or when needed only

Spacing: 6 - 7" (15 - 18cm)

Height: 8 - 10" (20 - 25cm)

Width: 6 - 8" (15 - 20cm)

Exposure: Partial Sun

General Information: Central, very long flowering plant with bright and intense colors. Resistant to extreme heat conditions. 

Grower Information:

Best for 2.5 to 4-in. (6 to 10-cm) pots.
Silvery foliage makes it a unique standalone variety in the series. Features an interesting contrast between the silver leaves and very dark flower colors.

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