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Week 8 – February 22, 2024

Plant Information

Sweet™ Purple White Bicolor Dianthus

  • Sweet™ Purple White Bicolor Dianthus - Bloom
  • Sweet™ Purple White Bicolor Dianthus - Single Stem, White Background
  • Sweet™ Purple White Bicolor Dianthus - Mono Vase, White Background
  • Sweet™ Purple White Bicolor Dianthus - Grower Bunch
Growing Information:
Culture Guidelines
Plant Details:

Scientific Name: Dianthus barbatus

Common Name: Sweet William

Hardiness Zone: 6a - 8b

Hardiness Degree: 0°F (-17.8°C)

Blooming Season: Early Spring, Spring, Autumn, Winter

Plant Habit: Upright

Characteristics: Fragrant Flowers, Low Maintenance

Water: Light

Fertilize: Every two weeks

Spacing: 10 - 14" (25 - 36cm)

Height: 18 - 36" (46 - 91cm)

Width: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm)

Exposure: Partial Sun, Sun

General Information: Rounded clusters of vivid blooms are colorful, long-lasting and very fragrant. The plants produce long, strong stems on full, frost-tolerant plants for excellent performance in gardens and as cut flowers.


Grower Information:

Best in class makes the best bouquets
Sweet offers the best commercial D. barbatus series available. With no vernalisation needed for first-year-flowering, you can program for year-round production. Add to that the very uniform height and flowering, excellent retail holdability and 13 separate bright colours, and you’ve got one sweet series to grow and send to market!

Planting density: 4 to 6 plants/ft.2 (42 to 64 plants/m2)
Best for: Greenhouse, high tunnel; also suitable for field
Floral selection guide: Filler, volume

Plug crop time: 4 to 5 weeks
Transplant to finish: Late Spring/Summer greenhouse/field, 8 to 9 weeks; Late Summer/Winter greenhouse, 9 to 13 weeks; Field, 15 to 18 weeks

  • Top-notch filler series features large, fragrant and long-lasting blooms on strong, straight stems.
  • Produces high yields of saleable stems.
  • Taller growth comes from early, Autumn-transplanted, greenhouse-grown plants.

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