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Week 9 – February 26, 2024

Plant Information

Aji Rico Pepper

  • Aji Rico Pepper - Bloom
  • Aji Rico Pepper - Container

All-America Selections Winner

Growing Information:
Culture Guidelines
Plant Details:

Scientific Name: Capsicum baccatum

Hardiness Degree: 40°F (4.4°C)

Blooming Season: Summer

Plant Habit: Mounded, Upright

Characteristics: Culinary Use

Water: Medium

Fertilize: Every two weeks

Spacing: 24 - 36" (61 - 91cm)

Height: 30 - 36" (76 - 91cm)

Width: 36 - 48" (91 - 122cm)

Exposure: Sun

General Information: Crisp, mildly hot peppers are perfect eaten fresh or cooked in your favorite recipe. Delicate citrus flavor intensifies and sweetens as peppers mature from light green to bright red. Early to ripen, with very big harvests.

Grower Information:

  • Unique, hybrid hot pepper has more vigour, higher yield and earlier ripening than O.P. heirlooms.
  • Narrow, conical fruit with delicate citrus flavour and medium heat is crispy and thin-walled – perfect fresh or cooked, green or red.
  • Best in-ground; large indeterminate plants benefit from a support.
  • Also available as organic seed.