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Week 22 – May 30, 2024

Plant Information

Pretty Flora™ Purple Shades Vein Petunia

New variety!
  • Pretty Flora™ Purple Shades Vein Petunia - Bloom
Marketing Information:
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Plant Details:

Scientific Name: Petunia x hybrida

Common Name: Compact Growth Petunia

Hardiness Degree: 40°F (4.4°C)

Blooming Season: Early Spring, Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer

Plant Habit: Mounded

Water: Medium

Fertilize: Every two weeks

Spacing: 6 - 8" (15 - 20cm)

Height: 7 - 10" (18 - 25cm)

Width: 8 - 12" (20 - 30cm)

Exposure: Sun

General Information: Shorter, more controlled plant structure compared with traditional types are versatile for garden beds and containers. Available in the top-selling colours. Enhanced, longer garden performance both in ground and in containers.

Grower Information:

Crop Time: Packs – Summer: 8 to 10 weeks, Spring: 9 to 11 weeks; 10-in. (25-cm) – Summer: 8 to 11 weeks, Spring: 10 to 13 weeks
Pretty Collection
Controlled habits assure tidier baskets than traditional petunias, and plants hold together and don’t lodge later in the season as standard varieties can.
Pretty Grand and Pretty Flora controlled growth petunias solve the seasonal, geographic and control challenges of traditional petunias. Fewer to no PGRS are needed, and both series are suitable for cold-growing. The tight bloom window across every color assures that same-time shipping is a snap. Better branching with improved airflow versus other compact petunias means less chance of disease, especially Botrytis. Available in the top-selling colors that make up 75% of petunia sales – these are the colors that sell. Perfect for high-density production and “promo” baskets.

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