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Week 28 – July 13, 2024
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Aug 24, 2021
Stimulating the Garden Senses

Show your customers how a carefully planned sensory garden can be used for therapy, relaxation and to create an overall sense of well-being. With nature, there is much more than meets the eye – especially with sensory gardens. They offer a way to engage all five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Ball Seed has the seeds and plants to meet these needs!

Seeing is Believing
One thing is certain…gardens have the most impact on our sight. Typically, garden flowers and plants are chosen for color, pattern, shape and whether they grow tall or lay low. Some even offer various hues all in one plant. Look for these varieties to see how appearance influences interest in the garden.
Harmony Burgundy Anemone
Bumble Bee™ Hot Pink Calibrachoa
MiniFamous® Neo Series Calibrachoa
Dahlita™ Series Dahlias
FlowerPower™ Compact Pink+Eye Osteospermum
CannonBall™ Series Petunias
Starlet™ Midnight Sky Petunia
Madness® Series Blue Vein Petunia

Sounds Like a Winner
Some plant names, like Jurassic™, Beats™ and Super Ka-Pow™, simply sound intriguing. But, there are plants that can actually make sounds, too. Listen as ornamental grasses jostle in the breeze or swish as they sway. Some border plants seem to whisper as your foot brushes up against them. Lend an ear as these plants sing out loud and clear.
Jurassic Series Rex Begonias
Super Ka-Pow Phlox
SunFern™ Series Artemisia
Beats Series Verbena
Aloha Series Ageratum
Rose Starship™ Lobelia
Fuzzy Pennisetum

It’s a Matter of Taste
The proof with these plants is in the taste! Enhance the aroma and flavor of your favorite dishes with high-quality vegetables. These tasty varieties help to make an average cook seem like a French chef. The big benefit of this vegetable garden: the plants look as good as they taste! From sweet to hot, use these delicious vegetables in your kitchen. What sets these varieties apart is their fresh, home-grown flavor.
Alliyum! Allium
Clementine Cauliflower
Gherking Gherkin Cucumber
Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber
Demon Red Edible Ornamental
Hot Pepper Pot-a-peño Jalapeño
Pepper Candy Cane Chocolate Cherry
Sweet Pepper Summer Breeze
Cherry Blossom Strawberry
Red Velvet Edible Potted Tomato from Kitchen Minis™
Bellatrix Roma Tomato
Patio Delight Saladette Tomato
Loki Slicer Tomato
Power Pops Small-Fruited Tomato

The Sweet Smell of Success
Like no other sense, smell can transport us to another place or bring back memories. A scented garden can also evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility. Fill gardens with fragrant plants like dianthus, gardenia, lavender, lilies, and even herbs like basil and rosemary.
Pesto Besto Basil
Green Ginger Rosemary
Chrysalis™ Series Buddleia
Bee-Mine™ Series Monarda
Little Trudy Nepeta
Jupiter Exacum

Get in Touch with Nature
From delicate to coarse and spiky to furry, foliage adds another dimension to the “feel” of a garden. Flowers also make different impressions when feathery, delicate petals mix with bristly blooms. Textures give hands something to feel and examine.
Jurassic Jr.™ Series Rex Begonia
Spitfire Coleus
Copperhead Coleus
Vogue® Series Double Petunia
24/7 Series Portulaca
Angel Wings Senecio

(This blog is an updated extract from our 2018 Flourish! magazine. Visit our Retail & Marketing Support page to browse more archives of great inspiration.)

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