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Week 9 – March 01, 2024
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Apr 12, 2023
Planting Pelleted Seed (Video)

Start with the best. Your crops will show it. Our extensive line of high-quality Ball Premier Line Seed is created to deliver hassle-free sowing and maximized growing every time. Today, more than 80% of our seed inventory passes through the Ball Premier Lab for coating and pelleting, priming and testing. From rapid, uniform germination to skip-free sowing, Ball Premier Line offers the best seed quality on the market.

Seeds pellets coated with clay

As we partner with top breeders, we’re proud to bring innovative technologies straight to our growers. One of the benefits you’ll find from the seed we provide is pelleted seeds. Pelleting standardizes the shapes, sizes and colors of the seeds for easier sowing– either by hand or with an automated system.

You’re in good hands by getting the best from pelleted seed. Thank you to PanAmerican Seed for delivering the quality product our growers have come to rely on season after season. The proprietary coating that’s found on the seeds you receive is meant to be soft enough to dissolve in water, but also withstand fragmentation during shipping and sowing.

Pelleted seeds coming out of a packet on a table

Once you receive your pelleted seed, you might be asking how do I start? Or how do I dissolve the seed?

  1.  When dissolving pellets using a watering tunnel, you’ll want to make sure that the pellets are completely disintegrated. Melted pellets will be flush with the soil medium while un-melted pellets will still have some shape and color.
  2.  After using a watering tunnel, it’s important to get the watered trays into a humid environment. If this is not done, the pellets may harden and lead to seed death.
  3.  Once they are in a moist environment, the trays should be correctly watered with the precise droplet size.
  4.  When hand watering, carefully cover the trays with water. Be sure the pellets are completely dissolved while trying to avoid pooling. Pooling can cause the seed to be buried and /or float to a different area of the tray.

Check out this helpful video (also available in Spanish) that demonstrates “How to Properly Melt Seed Pellets.”


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