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Week 29 – July 20, 2024
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May 22, 2023
When to Order Fall Pansy Plugs (Video)

Time to think about Fall Pansy Plugs. Since adequate timing is needed for ordering and growing, it’s important to get your orders in ASAP to ensure the varieties you want are available for late-season sales.

Various pansy blooms

Best practice is to set a target finish date, look at crop culture guides for the varieties you are growing, and order plugs to arrive early enough to get sufficient growth appropriate to finished container size(s), according to Nick Flax, Technical Services Specialist for Ball Seed Co.

“However, don’t over-estimate crop time and end up with overgrown plants at retail! Tall, floppy pansies don’t look very nice and often break due to wind whipping them around shortly after transplant,” he says. And unfortunately, this leads to poorer performance in the landscape.

We have an excellent video series on the Ball Seed YouTube channel that gives growers expert advice about growing pansies, from growing your own plugs from seed to finishing crops strong, it’s all here!

Part 1 – Pansy Propagation

Part 2 – Pansy Receiving and Transplanting

Part 3 – Pansy Finishing

For availability, login to WebTrack, or contact your Ball Seed sales rep/Ball ColorLink associate at 800 879-BALL for assistance.

Check out Part I here of “Ball Tech On Demand: At Risk Crops – Pansy Propagation.”

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