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Week 49 – December 05, 2023
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Aug 15, 2023
Customer Days Roundup 2023 and Video

2023 Ball Seed Customer Days (July 27 and 28) were full of camaraderie, fantastic mid-western weather, and gorgeous plants.

Flower pots in front of an outdoor welcome sign

“The attendance for our educational presentations and demos were a success,” said Jaime Kedrowski, Marketing Manager for Ball Seed. “And as my first Customer Days, it was amazing to see how all the internal parts of the day came together. The whole event really was a great way for our guests to learn how Ball Seed is helping our customers succeed.”

People enjoying flowers outdoors

If you didn’t get the chance to walk around the Gardens at Ball (at least three times!), then we have a special video from Jim Kennedy, Ball Seed Sales Director, that will take you around for a full tour of what you might have missed and varieties to keep in mind during your upcoming selling season.

If something caught your eye and you’re wondering if it’s available, we invite you to check through WebTrack, contact your Ball Seed sales rep, or please give us a call at 800 879-BALL.

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